SHDH61: Hacker Dojo 4.0 Grand Opening!

April 2, 2022 — 1 - 10pm

SuperHappyDevHouse, the Bay Area’s original hackathon and productive programming party, is back after a two and a half year hiatus to act as a Grand Opening party for Hacker Dojo’s fourth location: 855 Maude Ave in Mountain View! (DO NOT drive to the old Hacker Dojo 3.0 venue in Upcoming; we moved out of there two years ago!)


Brad Templeton @bradtem · 3 months ago

It’s happy! It’s Dev!

Andy Baio @waxpancake · 3 months ago

Nice! Welcome back!

billehunt @billehunt · 2 months ago


Ivan Lozano @ivanovishX · 2 months ago

It will be epic! Can’t wait

Brad Neuberg @bradneuberg · 2 months ago

Can’t wait!

jzavala @jzavala · 2 months ago

I can not miss it. I am looking forward to feeling the SV energy again.

Jason Reynolds @jinx1385 · 2 months ago

Im there! Ill be in the 3D printed coat! :D

Kevin Nilson @javaclimber · 2 months ago

See you there


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