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April 24
Donut.js April 2018 at Code Fellows PDX

10xFrogrammer @MilanLoveless

The Schedule

6:00 - Arrive, socialize, eat tasty donuts and snacks!
6:30 - Opening Remarks
6:45 - Sandya Sankarram @sandyaaaas
Learnings from Going Local(e)
7:00 - Intermission!
7:15 - Ryan K…

April 28
Alaska Robotics Mini-Con at The Juneau Arts & Cultural Center (JACC)

Matthew Bogart @MatthewBogart

“It’s a tiny convention & comics camp in Juneau, Alaska!”

Lots of cool comics and comics adjacent people will be there. It’s going to be great!

May 19
Seven on Seven 2018 at New Museum

lyndsey jane @lyyyndseyyy

Seven artists, paired with seven technologists. Each pair creates an artwork or prototype and debuts it at a conference-style event.

May 19

Andy Baio @waxpancake

All-day movie marathon! 13 hours of surprise screenings! From the official site:

“We’ll be showing lots of short features, cartoons, tiny documentaries, etc. between the features. No minute of mara…

May 25 - 26

Andy Baio @waxpancake

Weird Al’s playing a sold-out tour of stripped-down shows in intimate theaters — no costume changes or gimmicks, playing largely rare songs and original material. I have third-row seats at Rev Hall. I…

June 4

Kyle Rimkus @KyleRimkus

Presale password is TRUEWEST

July 14, 2022
Pub Standards 200 at Bricklayers Arms

Celebrate the 200th Pub Standards!

Special Event!

Bring your mother!

Take a day off work!

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