March 27
Donut.js March 2018 at Code Fellows PDX

10xFrogrammer @MilanLoveless

The Schedule

6:00pm - Arrive, socialize, eat tasty donuts and snacks!
6:30 - Opening Remarks
6:45 - Danielle Heberling @deeheber
Yinzer’s First Alexa Skill
7:00 - Lizzi Lindboe @cosmic_peril

March 30 - 31
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live! at Revolution Hall

Robin Ray @brrdatplay

That really good show with the terrible name (I wasted a whole year not watching because I thought, “who would make a show with this terrible name and why would anybody watch it? Ugh.”) is bringing it…

April 3
Nils Frahm - All Melody Tour at Revolution Hall

Ian Byrd @ByrdseedGifted

Watch and listen as Nils Frahm builds up complex music all by himself with an array of musical gadgets. Check this video out to get an idea of what he does:

April 14

Andy Baio @waxpancake

All-day movie marathon! 13 hours of surprise screenings! From the official site:

“We’ll be showing lots of short features, cartoons, tiny documentaries, etc. between the features. No minute of mara…

May 25 - 26

Andy Baio @waxpancake

Weird Al’s playing a sold-out tour of stripped-down shows in intimate theaters — no costume changes or gimmicks, playing largely rare songs and original material. I have third-row seats at Rev Hall. I…

June 4

Kyle Rimkus @KyleRimkus

Presale password is TRUEWEST