March 24
Martha at MOTH Club

Phil Gyford @philgyford

Having disappeared into the studio to record their hugely-anticipated third album, Martha are popping their cheeky little heads back above the parapet for two very intimate shows at London’s Moth Club…

April 17 - 20
CukenFest London 2018 at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation

Cucumber @cucumberbdd

A small festival of events for the BDD, Cucumber and Agile community. It’s Cucumber’s 10th birthday, so expect cake, lots of fun and talks about collaboration, running fast tests, and delivering high-…

June 8

Phil Gyford @philgyford

Having released a whopping 14 albums across their career, Half Man Half Biscuit are still on top of their game, with latest offering And Some Fell On Stony Ground proving that good songwriting never a…

January 25 - 27, 2019
Croydon Fun Weekend 2019 at East Croydon Railway Station (ECR)

Kake @Kake

The seventh annual Croydon Fun Weekend will show you just some of what’s great about spending time in Croydon. Activities are likely to include a walk, a game, drinks in some of Croydon’s best pubs, a…

March 11 - 12, 2019
2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show London at The Lindley Hall (Royal Horticultural Halls)

BeverageTradeNetwork @Beveragetrade

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) London is one of the largest European trade show to connect buyers to producers who offer private label wine, spirits, bulk wine, bulk spirits and …

July 14, 2022
Pub Standards 200 at Bricklayers Arms

Celebrate the 200th Pub Standards!

Special Event!

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