Web Monday Silicon Valley

June 12, 2017 — 6 - 9pm

Tim Bonnemann @planspark

Come join a bunch of Germans & friends involved in tech/web and meet up over drinks. We haven’t done this in a while, but if people are still up for it we may reserve a little time for announcements, short talks or – gasp – demos. Details TBD!

I you have something you’d like to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

About Web Monday

Web Monday is an informal, non-commercial, and completely community-driven event that aims to connect the people who are shaping the future of the internet. Inspired by the culture of Silicon Valley, it started out in Cologne, Germany in late 2005 in an effort to help spread those sunny California vibes.

Since its inception, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held on a regular basis in 40+ cities all across Germany, Austria, in Switzerland, and – occasionally – in other places. Nurturing the local web 2.0 and internet startup scenes, Web Monday’s 100+ meetings have attracted 1,000s of repeat participants so far, and good things have come out of it.



Ingo Renner @irnnr · 5 years ago

Do you have a time in mind?

Tim Bonnemann @planspark · 5 years ago

Yes, 6-9pm. It’s in the form, just not showing yet. Hey, it’s all about beta 2.0 (for Upcoming, at least). ;-)

Tim Bonnemann @planspark · 5 years ago

Turns out Ludwig’s is closed on Mondays. We’ll be meeting at Stein’s in downtown Mountain View instead. See you there!

Frederik Hermann @netzkobold · 5 years ago

I just called Stein’s and to our “luck” Monday is the 5th game of the Warriors vs. Cleveland (basketball) and every bar will be packed incl. Stein’s. I told them that we are ok with sitting in the outside beer garden without a screen and they are looking to confirm my reservation (she has to speak with the manager first). Maybe the Warriors win tonight and then there will be no game on Monday :)

Frederik Hermann @netzkobold · 5 years ago

Btw, I was able to make a reservation for 10 people for 6pm under my name, so we’ll definitely have a table outside.


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Tim Bonnemann @planspark
Dirk Ginader @ginader
Frederik Hermann @netzkobold