Web Audio Weekly get-together at Web Audio Conference

September 19, 2018 — 5:00pm

Berlin, Germany

Web Audio Weekly @webaudioweekly

Join Chris (Web Audio Weekly) and Tony (Irritant Creative) for an informal and unofficial get-together between the end of the first day of Web Audio Conference 2018 and the evening gig.

Schleusenkrug (http://www.schleusenkrug.de) is a short 10 min walk (https://goo.gl/maps/GTFoGPToNhm) from the conference venue and has a large, traditional-style beer garden serving food and drinks. I think it’s cash-only though, so bring some euros.


Sam Starling @samstarling
Chris Lowis @chrislowis
Tony Wallace @tonywallace
Matthew Paradis @matthewparadis
Arthur Carabott @acarabott
Chris Wilson @cwilso
Aqilah Misuary @AqilahMisuary
Hilke Ros @hilkeros
Joe Todd @joextodd
Jörge Ojanen @mieshukka


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Web Audio Weekly @webaudioweekly