Domain Swap!

April 25, 2017 — 7 - 9pm

Aaron Parecki @aaronpk

Bring a list of old domains you hesitantly keep renewing, domains that no longer fit, domains you’ve outgrown, domains you’ve had parked for years and haven’t used. Give them away to friends, trade for better domains, and pick up some hot, new URLs for 2017.

Come to Migration Brewing at 7pm with your laptop. We’ll write all our domains on notecards. We’ll all look at our collective compiled domain names on a projected spreedsheet, and pick out ones we want. Then we’ll do ICANN transfers amongst ourselves. If multiple people want the same domain, you’ll have to convince its registrant that you’ll do something better with it. It’s up to the registrant to decide. Domain trading is more than welcome.

This is also a LEAVE NO DOMAIN PARKED event. Let’s get content on these URLs!


Aaron Parecki @aaronpk
Danielle Baskin @djbaskin