Computation Club — 10 Technical Papers Every Programmer Should Read (At Least Twice): Out Of The Tar Pit

January 7, 2020 — 6:30 - 8:30pm

Join us for the last of Michael Fogus’ “10 Technical Papers Every Programmer Should Read (At Least Twice)”: Out Of The Tar Pit, available from .

Complexity is the single major difficulty in the successful development of large-scale software systems. Following Brooks we distinguish accidental from essential difficulty, but disagree with his premise that most complexity remaining in contemporary systems is essential. We identify common causes of complexity and discuss general approaches which can be taken to eliminate them where they are accidental in nature. To make things more concrete we then give an outline for a potential complexity-minimizing approach based on functional programming and Codd’s relational model of data.

This meeting will be hosted by Ably in Meeting Room 6, in the basement of Techspace Shoreditch, 25 Luke Street, at 18:30. Just tell reception that you’re here for computation club and they should let you in.


Dmitry Kandalov @dmitrykandalov
Charlie Egan @charlieegan3